Last Saturday, all hell broke loose at a rock concert by Indio Solari in Argentina:

Two people were killed and a dozen were injured on Saturday night when spectators rushed to the stage at an over-packed outdoor rock concert in eastern Argentina.

The deadly crush of fans was blamed on lack of crowd control at the concert of popular performer Indio Solari in the town of Olavarria, in Buenos Aires province.

Solari halted his performance several times, calling from the stage for security to help people who were stuck in the stampede and appeared to be fainting.

Some 350,000 fans showed up for the concert, Mayor Ezequiel Galli told a news conference. He said the event had been organized to handle less than half that number, and that it would be up to the justice system to decide who is to blame for the disaster.

“What happened was total chaos,” he said. “It just got away from us.”

“No one imagined that this many people would show up,” he added, saying that by mid-afternoon some 100,000 vehicles, or one for every city resident, had arrived for the show.

A dozen people were hospitalized after being injured in the crush. Witnesses said the lack of control was such that organizers neglected to collect tickets at the large field where the concert was held, letting anyone through the gates.

The local bus system collapsed after the tragedy, stranding thousands of fans in Olavarria.

As expected, most English-language mainstream media outlets are failing to address the root cause of the catastrophe.

Because that, of course, would require turning a critical eye on the ideology the media champions, and that pervades modern pop culture.

However, to their credit, Argentine media have been more perceptive.

Journalist Jonatan Viale was particularly assertive incalling out the ideological elephant in the room (my translation):

Does Indio Solari give a damn about all this?

Didn’t this Che Guevara with a private jet realize what was going on?

At some point we must have a serious discussion about what’s going on with this shoddy lefty rock bands whose lyrics sell revolution, chaos, anarchy, destruction, an apology of drugs and violence… and after causing the death of two people lock themselves up in their 5-star hotels, or run away in their private jets, to show up again only during the next concert to collect several millions more.

A self-professed social justice warrior, Solari started the show with openly political remarks, criticizing Mauricio Macri’s government for a recent proposal to lower the age of criminal responsibility to 14 (currently set at 16).

But where his SJW credentials really shine through, is in his express policy of simply letting in every single fan who shows up to his concerts, regardless of whether they have paid for a ticket or not.

From each according to his ability to pay, to every other of his millions of fans according to their histerical desire to see one of Solari’s rare live performances.

It’s like a for-profit-with-redistribution revival of the Woodstock myth. So it was just a matter of time for the Altamont-like consequences to occur.

Clearly, the “lack of control” shown by organizers who neglected to collect tickets, letting anyone through the gates, was a feature, not a bug, of the show.

Actually, it’s a recognized tradition among his fans

At Indio Solari’s concert, two old traditions were fulfilled: the majority of the public traveled without tickets, and the people at the gates in charge of security let people in without checking that they had their entrance tickets.

I’ve been going to Indio’s shows for 25 years… with rare exceptions, where security and operations were properly carried out, neglect was the rule.

“For my audience there is no such thing as “sold out,” they go the same way,” Indio said in an interview a few months ago. The bands that travel all over the country following Solari’s “masses” of Solari know that they will be able to get in, whether they have tickets or not. This explains why tens of thousands of people invaded the city of Olavarría since last week.